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Tesson Facilities

From Founder
My professional background in the tech industry started in The Netherlands. There, I owned and operated a computer repair business which provided services to small enterprises and individuals. I also pursued website creation and design, lending my expertise to institutions and organizations alike. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Dutch justice department, where I devised and created a website that improved their operations. Furthermore, I helped a nascent youth counselor start-up grow and develop by designing a tailor-made website for them. To top it off, my skills in video editing and voiceover were put to use when I produced multiple animated commercials for a large computer company. Suffice it to say, my time in The Netherlands was a fruitful and successful career in the tech industry. In 2017, I set out on a new adventure and immigrated to Israel. During my first few years in Israel, I was unable to work legally without a visa. However, I refused to let my skills and passion go to waste, so I took that opportunity to boost my existing tech knowledge through further studies. In 2019, as soon as I was legally able to work, I founded Tesson-Facilities- my own business on Israeli soil and created my own website. Along the way during the Covid pandemic, I had the honor to run into a talented painter who aspired to create an e-commerce webshop for her artwork.
Marco Tesson
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