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On average, computer repair technicians charge ₪220 an hour. However, the hourly rate can range from ₪145 to ₪330 per hour.

Computer repair costs:

National average hourly rate₪220/hour
Low-end cost range₪160-₪180/hour
High-end cost range₪310-₪350/hour

Laptop and computer repair prices

The type of repair your computer needs is one of the most important factors in determining its cost. For example, the cost to fix a computer screen is about ₪1150, but fixing a virus or malware issue is about ₪360.

Sometimes, the solution is solved purely by working with software, while other fixes may require the computer technician to replace expensive hardware or fix physical damage. The following table gives a rough idea of what a technician may charge for certain problems:

Computer or laptop problemAverage pricing 
Virus or malware₪360
System error or blue screen₪550
Slow computer performance₪750
Computer not turning on₪820
Cracked or damaged screen₪1150
Clicking or grinding noise from hard drive₪1500+
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