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We all use them, and we’ve all experienced issues with them.
We’re talking, of course, about hard drives,
which play just as important role in our personal and professional lives as the computers inside of which they operate.

The biggest problem with hard drives (both HDDs and SSDs) is their limited reliability.
According to cloud storage and data backup company Backblaze,
the Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) for 2020 hovers around 1%,
which means that 1 out of every 100 hard drives will likely fail during a full year of use.

Understanding Common Data Loss Scenarios

Let’s take a closer look at the most common data loss scenarios, starting with the one that typically costs the least amount of money to recover from.

🟩 Accidental Deletion (Affordable)

user computer iconCost: ₪0–₪1100

Accidentally deleting the wrong file may feel devastating, but it’s actually the least costly and complicated data loss scenario one can encounter. That’s because deleted files remain physically present on storage devices until they are overwritten by new data and can be quickly recovered using data recovery software.

🟧 Logical Failure (Moderate)

hard drive iconCost: ₪1100–₪2000

Logical failure includes all file access issues that are caused by non-mechanical problems, such as file directory damage due to malware attack, master boot record corruption, or accidental formatting. In most cases, data can’t be recovered from a logically damaged storage device unless the storage device is connected to a different computer and scanned in read-only mode, which is something not all DIY solutions can do.

🟥 Mechanical Failure (Expensive)

damage iconCost: ₪1800–₪6000

Whenever your hard drive starts making strange noises, experiences an unfortunate encounter with water, or simply dies without any warning, you have a big problem because mechanical issues can be very expensive to repair, requiring replacement components, advanced techniques and equipment, and controlled cleanroom environment.

What is the average cost of data recovery?

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